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Anti Ragging Cell

At IIPM SOM, we stand united in our commitment to fostering an environment of respect, inclusivity, and personal growth. The ethos of our institution is built on the belief that education thrives in an atmosphere where every student feels safe, valued, and free from any form of intimidation. "Say No to Ragging at IIPM SOM" is not just a slogan; it's a resolute pledge to uphold the principles of dignity, compassion, and academic excellence.

Anti-Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee at IIPM SOM operates with a commitment to maintaining a campus environment free from fear, intimidation, and harassment.

  1. Chairman: Dr. Sudip Kumar Ghose, Director, IIPM School of Management.
  2. Representative of Civil Administration: Tehsildar, Rajgangpur.
  3. Representative of Police Administration: SDPO, Rajgangpur.
  4. Representative of Local Media: Sri Jitendra Narayan Das.
  5. Representative of NGO: Mrs. Sabita Mohanty.
  6. Faculty Representative: Prof. Manoj Kumar Yadav, Dr. Rakesh Ranjan.
  7. Representative of Parents: Sri. Kanhaiya Prasad, Sri. Anil Kumar Bayerd.
  8. Representative of 1st year Students: Aditya Bayerd, Aryan Singh.
  9. Representative of 2nd year Students: Arun Kumar Prasad, Roshan Giri.

Disciplinary Measures

The IIPM SOM is committed to maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for all its members. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, and the institution has implemented a comprehensive set of disciplinary actions to address instances of ragging promptly. The following disciplinary measures are in place to ensure the well-being and safety of every student:

Immediate Suspension:

Any student found guilty of engaging in ragging activities will face immediate suspension from the institute.

During the suspension period, the student will be barred from attending classes, using institute facilities, and participating in any institute-related events.


In cases of severe or repeated ragging offenses, expulsion from the institute will be enforced.

Expelled students will lose all privileges associated with being an IIPM SOM student and will be required to vacate the institute premises.

Legal Consequences:

IIPM SOM is committed to collaborating with local law enforcement agencies to ensure legal actions are taken against individuals involved in ragging.

Perpetrators may face criminal charges, resulting in fines, imprisonment, or other legal consequences.

Fine Imposition:

A monetary fine may be imposed on students found guilty of ragging, the amount of which will be determined based on the severity and impact of the offense.

The fine is intended to serve as both a punitive measure and a deterrent against future instances of ragging.

Community Service:

Students involved in ragging may be required to undertake community service as part of their disciplinary action.

Community service aims to instill a sense of responsibility and empathy while contributing positively to society.

Counseling Mandate:

Students found guilty of ragging may be mandated to attend counseling sessions to address underlying behavioral issues.

Counseling aims to facilitate rehabilitation and personal growth, ensuring a more positive approach to community living.

Revocation of Scholarships and Awards:

Students holding scholarships or awards may face revocation of these privileges in the event of ragging.

Revocation serves as an additional consequence, emphasizing the gravity of the offense.

Public Apology:

Perpetrators may be required to issue a public apology, acknowledging the harm caused and expressing remorse to the victim and the institute community.

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