Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are an important constituent of the educational experience for management students. They expose students to real-time experiences from the stance of a speaker who has been dealing with situations that are tough and demanding. Students get to envision the perspective of the unique domain of the speaker. One significant benefit that is derived from such guest lectures is the enhancement of the educational experience of the students. They essentially capture a glimpse of the everyday life of the speaker, which they cannot get elsewhere. Another added advantage is the connection that the students may establish between what they learn in their textbooks and what they learn from the speaker. In other words,these lectures facilitate the students in building vital connections between theory and practicality.Guest speakers offer something that teachers cannot offer the students in regular course curriculum. Guest lectures support themes that the students may have little idea about and can offer them different viewpoints, ones that the students may better understand or relate with. It provides them with the opportunity to learn something new, while giving them a break from regular classroom activities. In the process, students may discover that they have gained new ideas and concepts.